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How to Contact MatPat: Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Address, Whatsapp, House Address


MatPat: 8 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social media profiles)

MatPat: Ways to Contact or Text MatPat (Phone Number, Email, Fanmail address, Social profiles) in 2022- Are you looking for MatPat 2022 Contact details like his Phone number, Email Id, WhatsApp number, or Social media accounts information that you have reached on the perfect page.

MatPat Biography and Career:

Matthew Robert Patrick, better known by his YouTube username MatPat, was born in the United States on November 15, 1986. He is a co-creator of the YouTube channels The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists, GTLive, and The Food Theorists, as well as the co-founder, president, and chief executive officer of Theorist Media. The Game Theorists is his first and most successful channel.

It is a center in which he and many other content producers have published videos that focus mostly on studying video games from an educational point of view. Patrick() himself leads Game Theory, the channel’s main program, in which he publishes hypotheses supported by research concerning parts of games, including their mythology as well as scientific, mathematical, and historical aspects.

MatPat picIn addition, he discusses topics related to gaming in general. Film Theory is a spin-off of Game Theory that focuses instead on film and television. It is hosted by him on The Film Theorists, his second channel, which is a spin-off of Game Theory. His third channel, GTLive, is where he and his wife Stephanie preserve live streams that they once did with Stephanie Patrick, who is also his wife.

Patrick often works along with a wide variety of other YouTube creators, such as Gaijin Goombah, Ronnie Edwards, Trailer Drake, FootofaFerret, and a great number of others whose programs have established themselves as mainstays on the Theorist channels.

As of March 2022, The Game Theorists has accumulated 15.6 million subscribers and more than 3.35 billion views, The Film Theorists has accumulated 10.7 million subscribers and more than 2.07 billion views, GTLive has accumulated 2.78 million subscribers and more than 583 million views, and The Food Theorists has accumulated 3.47 million subscribers and more than 353 million views; this brings the total number of subscribers and views for all four channels to 32,550,000, which is more than 6.36 billion Five Streamy Awards were bestowed to the Game Theorists channel, Game Theory, and Game Lab in the categories of Gaming, Virtual Reality and 360, Editing, and Writing, respectively.

Patrick’s success on YouTube has led to many opportunities, both within and outside of the digital space. These opportunities include hosting other shows like “The Runner” and “Game Lab,” consulting for major brands in the tech and entertainment industries, conducting interviews with notable individuals such as “Pope Francis” and “Susan Wojcicki,” and hosting an annual charity Livestream for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which has raised a total of $5.9 million over the course of three years.

Matthew Patrick was the only child of his parents, Robert and Linda Patrick, and was the only kid born on November 15, 1986, in Medina, Ohio. He eventually developed a passion for theatre as well as video gaming. During his time as a student in elementary school, he misplaced his Tupperware in the garbage bin on the day when the school served grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Because he was afraid of the punishment that his mother would give him, he went into the janitorial closet and proceeded to swim through three dumpsters full of leftover grilled cheese and tomato soup in order to recover it. Because he did this, he imbued his nose with the aroma of stale tomato soup, which he has not been able to rid himself of to this very day.

After graduating as valedictorian from Medina High School in 2005, he attended Duke University, where he first met Stephanie Cordato in January 2006[1]. He later collaborated with Stephanie Cordato in an April game programming class on a Legend of Zelda parody game dubbed “The Epic of Stew.” In October of that year, Stephanie and Matthew officially started a relationship when she discovered that Matthew was not homosexual.

MatPat picture

After graduating from Duke University on the same day, December 28, 2009, Matt and Stephanie moved to New York City. There, Matt tried out for and performed in a variety of theatrical roles for approximately two years, including Blood Brothers and a 2009 stage adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Stephanie worked as a publicist in New York City. Matt established a profile on YouTube under the name MatthewPatrick13 and used it to submit videos of his theatrical appearances and singing auditions. MatPat had some success as a theatre actor, but he eventually gave it up since he and Stephanie were having trouble making ends meet and they couldn’t find another work.

Matt eventually left the acting business in general after hardly getting any roles, and one of the deciding factors was seeing Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, a musical that Matt disliked so much that it finalized his decision to pursue another career. While he found some success as a stage actor and director, he ultimately decided to leave the acting business altogether. Another problem was that he did not have enough money to buy meals since his employment required him to work nonstop and supplied him with a poor wage.

During the following two years, MatPat did not get any answers to the job applications it submitted for various positions including those of a television producer, a programmer, and a movie director. During this time, MatPat saw an episode of Extra Credits discussing tangential learning, which prompted him to start Game Theory initially as a method of adding something new to his résumé. MatPat’s original motivation for starting Game Theory was to add something new to his skillset.

Matthew came to the conclusion that he wanted to produce his own online series in which he would analyze famous video games through the lenses of science, history, and philosophy. After he made the decision to title the online series Game Theory, he ultimately opted to alter the name of his channel to The Game Theorists. After being highlighted on a number of websites, such as Reviewtopia and ScrewAttack!, and beginning to incorporate elements from MatPat’s directing experience and fan submissions (such as a logo and SpellingPhailer’s intro music), Game Theory began to gradually build a fanbase.

This was one of the factors that contributed to the popularity of the show. Because of its popularity, MatPat was able to further his career and open doors to other work opportunities. On May 19, 2012, he wed his longtime sweetheart and college sweetheart, Stephanie Cordato.

The promotional video for Game Theory was posted online on April 14, 2011, and four days later, on April 18, 2011, the first episode of the series, titled “Is Chrono Trigger’s Time Travel Accurate?,” was published online. The video provided an explanation of how Chrono Trigger’s time travel mechanics worked. There have been more than two million views of the video up to this point.

Following the third episode, Ronnie Edwards, who would eventually host the program, conducted an interview with him for the fourth episode of his podcast series, which is titled Random Internet Encounters. He took an interest in Ronnie’s abilities and made an offer to promote his online program, Digressing, and Sidequesting, by allowing Ronnie to relocate the series to MatPat’s channel.

Ronnie agreed to the terms of the deal and moved the series there. After uploading a large number of videos, a fellow Ohioan eventually recruited him as a YouTube audience growth consultant to assist new YouTubers in growing their fanbases.

During her time at the SGC Theorists conference, MatPat spoke with a large number of theorists and volunteered to promote their YouTube channels. In addition to this, the channel continued to develop new programming at a constant pace, which contributed to its continued rapid expansion.

MatPat photo

MatPat Profile-

  1. Famous Name– Matthew Robert Patrick
  2. Birth Sign-Scorpio
  3. Date of Birth– 15 November 1986
  4. Birth Place– Medina, Ohio, United States
  5. Age – 37 years (As 0f 2022)
  6. Nickname– MatPat
  7. Parents– Father: NA, Mother: NA
  8. Sibling– NA
  9. Height-1.8 m
  10. Profession– American internet personality


Until now, he has not received any award. Moreover, we do not have much information regarding his achievements to date. But we hope that he would win a number of awards with his unique talent in the coming time period.

MatPat’s Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address, and Social Profiles:

MatPat contact

Ways to Contact MatPat:

1. Facebook Page: @MatPat13

MatPat has his Facebook where he gets posts his pics and videos. You can go to his page via the link given above. It is reviewed and we confirm that it is a 100% Real Profile of MatPat. You can follow him on his Facebook profile and for that, you can follow the link above.

2. YouTube Channel: @GameTheorists

MatPat had a YouTube channel, where he also uploaded his music videos for his fans. Furthermore, He has gained a million subscribers and millions of views. If anyone wants to see his uploads and videos, they can use the username link which is given above.

3. Instagram Profile: @matpatgt

MatPat also has his Instagram profile where he has gained a million followers and also got around 100k likes per post. If you want to see his latest pics on Instagram, you can visit through the above link.

4. Twitter: @matpatgt

MatPat created his Twitter account where he has collected many Followers yet. If you are willing to tweet his then click on the above link. We gave his Twitter handle above, and we have checked and authenticated the given twitter Id. If you want to talk to him via Twitter, you’ll need to use the link above.

5. Phone number: NA

Many phone numbers are leaked on google and the internet in the name of MatPat but upon checking we found that none of that numbers actually work. However, when we find the exact number, we will update it here.

6. Fan Mail Address:

United States

7. Email id:

8. Website URL:

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