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BBC One is a free-to-air television channel in the United Kingdom that is owned and run by the BBC, which also provides a public television service. It is the corporation’s flagship network and is best recognised for transmitting popular content such as BBC News news bulletins, primetime drama and entertainment, and certain sporting events.

It began as the BBC Television Service on 2 November 1936 and was the world’s first regular television service with a high level of image resolution. It was renamed BBC TV in 1960 and used that moniker until the debut of the second BBC channel, BBC2, in 1964, at which point the primary station was called BBC1, with the current spelling of BBC One adopted in 1997.

It is sponsored by the television licence fee, along with the BBC’s other domestic television channels, and broadcasts commercial-free content. It is currently the most watched television station in the United Kingdom, surpassing ITV, its traditional ratings opponent. [reference required]

Charlotte Moore, who has been Controller of BBC One since 2013, was appointed Chief Programming Officer of the BBC on 3 September 2020, becoming a member of the BBC Board and the main creative lead for the corporation’s content and audiences other than news, nations, and regions.

On 22 August 1932, the BBC began broadcasting regular television programming from the basement of Broadcasting House in London. On 2 November 1936, the BBC Television Service began broadcasting regularly from a refurbished wing of London’s Alexandra Palace.  On 1 September 1939, two days before Britain declared war on Germany, the station was abruptly shut down, with one of the final programmes broadcast prior to the shutdown being a Mickey Mouse cartoon (the 1933 short Mickey’s Gala Premier); the government feared that the VHF transmissions would act as a beacon for enemy aircraft homing in on London. BBC Television resumed operations at 15:00 on 7 June 1946. The initial announcement was delivered by Jasmine Bligh, one of the original broadcasters, who stated, “Everyone have a good afternoon. How are you doing? Are you familiar with me, Jasmine Bligh? “‘. Twenty minutes later, the identical Mickey Mouse cartoon that was shown in 1939 was repeated.

The BBC enjoyed a statutory monopoly on television broadcasting in the United Kingdom until 22 September 1955, when the first Independent Television station, ITV, began airing. Following a significant decline in viewers, competition swiftly compelled the channel to alter its identity and ambitions.

This was noted in the 1962 Pilkington Report on the Future of Broadcasting, as was ITV’s lack of substantial programming. As a result, it agreed to award the BBC the rights to the country’s third television station.

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The station, renamed BBC TV in 1960, became BBC1 after BBC2 began transmitting an incompatible 625-line image on UHF on 20 April 1964. To receive all channels, a sophisticated “dual-standard” 405- and 625-line, VHF and UHF, receiver was required, as well as a VHF and a UHF antenna. Old 405-line-only sets became outdated in 1985, when standard transmission ceased, however standards converters have become available for collectors and restorers of such televisions.

Between 1960 and 2013, BBC1 was situated at the purpose-built BBC Television Centre in White City, London. Television News remained based in Alexandra Palace until 20 September 1969, when it relocated to purpose-built premises at Television Centre. By early 1968, it had converted one of its studios to colour.

In the weeks running up to 15 November 1969, BBC1 broadcasted an occasional programming in its new colour system on an unauthorised basis to test it. On 15 November at 12 a.m., coinciding with ITV and two years after BBC2, BBC1 launched 625-line PAL colour programming on UHF with a broadcast of a Petula Clark concert.  Until the end of analogue broadcasting, colour transmissions could be received (in monochrome) on monochrome 625-line televisions (and indeed can still be received if such a set is connected to a digital television adapter tuned to the SDTV version of the channel.)

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