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How to Contact Derek Muller: Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Address, Whatsapp, House Address

Derek Muller: 8 Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social media profiles)

Derek Muller: Ways to Contact or Text Derek Muller (Phone Number, Email, Fanmail address, Social profiles) in 2023- Are you looking for Derek Muller’s 2023 Contact details like his Phone number, Email Id, WhatsApp number, or Social media accounts information that you have reached on the perfect page.

Derek Muller Biography and Career:

Derek Alexander Muller is a scientific communicator and television personality who was born on November 9, 1982. He is most well-known for his YouTube channel Veritasium, which has more than 14 million followers as of October 2023. Muller received his diploma from West Vancouver Secondary School in the year 2000. (5) [5] In 2004, Muller received a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University, which is located in Kingston, Ontario.

In the beginning, Muller traveled to Australia to pursue a career in filmmaking. However, he ultimately decided to pursue a doctoral degree in physics education research at the University of Sydney. He finished his degree in 2008 with a thesis titled “Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics Education.”Since the year 2008, Muller has been mentioned as a member of the crew from the television show Catalyst, which is broadcast on ABC.

While he was pursuing his doctoral degree, he was simultaneously working as a tutor for a tutoring firm. After he finished his degree in 2008, he went on to become the head of the scientific department at the tutoring company. At the end of 2010, he resigned from his position. Muller established his YouTube channel, which he named “Veritasium” (for more information, see the section below), in 2011. Within a short period, it became his primary source of income.

Since 2011, Muller has continued to serve as the ‘Why Guy’ on the Breakfast Show on the Australian television network Ten. [9] He has also continued to appear on Catalyst, where he reports on scientific news from all around the world. Within the context of his thesis, he delivered a lecture at the TEDxSydney conference in May of 2012. The Eureka Prize for Science Journalism was awarded to him for his work as the presenter of the documentary Uranium Twisting the Dragon’s Tail, which was shown on several public television channels throughout the globe during July and August of 2015.

At the Google Science Fair Awards Celebration for that year, which took place on September 21, 2015, Muller was the host. The Australian Department of Innovation Nanotechnology Film Competition and the 2013 Australian Webstream Award for “Best Educational & Lifestyle Series” were both awarded to Muller. In addition, Muller just received the award. Between April 2017 and April 2018, he made an appearance on the Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World as a reporter.

This information was provided by Muller in the documentary film Vitamania: The Sense and Nonsense of Vitamins, which was produced by Genepool Productions and released in August 2018. The documentary provides solutions to issues about vitamins and the use of vitamin supplements via the diet. At the beginning of 2011, Muller established the educational science channel Veritasium on YouTube. The channel’s primary objective is to “address counter-intuitive concepts in science, typically beginning with discussions with members of the public.”

The videos include a wide variety of topics, including interviews with professionals, such as Brian Schmidt, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2011, as well as scientific experiments, dramatizations, songs, and – a defining characteristic of the channel – interviews with members of the general population to reveal misunderstandings about science. It is a combination of the Latin word for truth, Veritas, and the suffix -ium, which is common to many elements. The name Veritasium comes from this combination.

This results in the creation of Veritasium, which is an “element of truth,” a play on the common term and a reference to the components that make up the chemical composition. There is a resemblance between the number “42.0” and an element on the periodic table in the company’s emblem, which has been a registered trademark since January 2016. The selection of this particular number was based on the fact that it is “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” in the well-known book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy written by Douglas Adams.

Veritasium was the name of Muller’s second YouTube channel, which he launched in July 2012. To make editorial films that cover themes such as filmmaking, displaying behind-the-scenes footage, and soliciting user replies to popular Veritasium videos, Muller used the newly developed platform. The videos produced by Veritasium have garnered praise from critics. Two early Veritasium movies were quite popular and explained the mechanics of a Slinky toy that is falling.

As a result of the movie “Mission Possible: Graphene” winning the Cyberscreen Science Film Festival at Science Online in 2012, it was selected to be published in Scientific American as the video of the week. CBS News chose to showcase a video that disproves the widespread belief that the moon is closer than it is. Following the publication of a video in which Muller is seen operating a vehicle that is powered by wind.

When Muller accepted the wager, Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson were there to witness the parties signing a wager agreement. Muller was the one who accepted the gamble. In a second video, Muller showed the effect of using a model cart in circumstances that ruled out the possibility of extraneous effects. However, Muller did agree that he could have done a better job of explaining the phenomena in the first video. For a total of $10,000, Kusenko accepted the wager.

Derek Muller Profile-

  1. Famous Name– Derek Muller
  2. Birth Sign- Scorpio
  3. Date of Birth– 9 November 1982
  4. Birth Place– Traralgon, Australia
  5. Age – 41 years (As of 2023)
  6. Nickname– Derek Muller
  7. Parents– Father: Anthony Mother: Shirley
  8. Sibling– NA
  9. Height– NA
  10. Profession– TV personality
  11. Twitter Followers: 285.6K Followers
  12. Total Insta Followers: 1,026 followers
  13. Total YouTube Subs: 14.5M subscribers

Derek Muller’s Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address, and Social Profiles:

Ways to Contact Derek Muller :

1. Facebook Page: @Derek Muller

2. YouTube Channel: @veritasium

3. Instagram Profile: @derekmullerofficial

4. Twitter: @veritasium

5. Phone number: NA

Many phone numbers are leaked on google and the internet in the name of Derek Muller, but upon checking, we found none work. However, when we see the exact number, we will update it here.

6. Fan Mail Address:

Derek Muller

7. Email id: NA

8. Website URL: NA

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