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How to Contact Diana and Roma : Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Address, Whatsapp, House Address

Diana and Roma : 8 Ways to Contact Them (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social media profiles)

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Diana and Roma Biography and Career:

Diana And Roma, the well-known YouTube stars of Kids Diana, the YouTube channel with the most subscribers in Ukraine, have recently gained popularity.The Diana and Roma Net Worth is reportedly around $100 million as of 2022. The programme is a representation of pink, plush, princess magic, and sibling mayhem. With over 43M followers, the kids’ entertainment channel Diana And Roma has the entire YouTube community spellbound. Diana and Roma’s net worth has increased significantly.

According to reports from 2022, the Kids Roma Show is valued at over $15 million, while the Kids Diana Show is worth at over $100 million. According to figures on Diana and Roma’s yearly revenue, Diana show for children is thought to make about $25 million annually. On average, 104.82 million people watch the Diana Roma Show channel on YouTube each month. In Ukraine, the young YouTube stars reside with their parents. The 7-year-old digital influencer is the foundation upon which the Ukrainian family behind Kids Diana Show hopes to expand their company.

With the extensive deal with Pocket, they are committed to their goal. The parents of the popular YouTube show Kids Roma Show, Elena and Vladimir Kidisyuk, refrain from using their last name out of respect for their privacy.The details of Diana and Roma’s parents’ occupation are unclear because they haven’t made their whereabouts or jobs known to the public.The parents of Diana And Roma initially began making YouTube videos with their children. Olena (Diana’s mother) said that it had only been a hobby.

The family had no idea that such a large number of people would watch their movies. When their first kid was born, Olena said, they wanted to share in the joy of raising Roma. They made their first video scrapbook because of this. The well-known YouTuber duo Diana and Roma have attracted a lot of attention. The older brother of Diana is Roma. Both Roma, born on October 22, 2012, and Eva Diana, born on March 16, 2014, were reared by beautiful, supportive, and inspiring parents. Diana and Roma’s parents are named Elena and Vladimir Kidisyuk, respectively.

The Diana and Roma family had no idea that the popularity of their videos would be so great. To spend more time with their children, Diana and Roma’s parents promptly resigned from their jobs. The Roma family and Diana love talking to their growing fan base. Kids were born on March 31, 2014. Diana is an eight-year-old. Roma, born on October 22, 2012, is already nine years old. While Roma is a Libra, Diana is a Pisces.

17 B-channel views have been logged by Dian. With that, her “Diana Pretend Play Ice Cream Shop” on her YouTube channel became a viral hit, garnering an astounding 377M+ views on its own. When it comes to the concept of merging cuteness with infectious fun and enthusiasm to make you long to be a child once again, Dian and Roma are experts.Videos from the affluent and famous kids’ early years YouTubers concentrate on learning English, reviewing toys, singing children’s songs, and vlogging.

Diana and her brother can be seen in recent videos munching on candy bars. Parents of fans’ worries have brought the channel to public attention. The Kids Roma Show channel is dedicated to Roma. Being young, the couple will inevitably continue to develop. Diana, a diminutive being of normal height who seems fairly happy, has recently gained attention.Diana, a charming YouTube star of the Kids Diana Show who is young and full of life, has amassed a vast global fan base of 123 million members.

After T-Series and the titan of children’s music, Cocomelon, the show is currently regarded as having the third-highest number of views on YouTube. Diana, her parents, and Diana’s brother, Roma, can be seen in her videos hosting absurd and lighthearted experiences.There are numerous shows that Diana’s fame has been connected to. She is available in nine languages and over 14 networks. Furthermore, her performances have garnered billions of views just this year. According to Business Insider, Kids Diana Show earns between $2.8 million and $44.7 million annually.

Diana, a minor celebrity, is getting ready to become even more well-known. new alliance with pocket. They are now well-known thanks to Watch. Diana Adventures made her YouTube debut in September 2020, making her the richest and most well-known child YouTuber.Love, Diana – The Princess of Play is a lifestyle brand sold at Walmart that has gained enormous popularity. It offers dolls, hair accessories, plush toys, jewellery, furniture, playsets, and more.

The top-earning YouTubers Diana and Roma have been significantly increasing viewer engagement with their videos. Olena thinks that the fact that Diana is shown in Diana’s movies as a young child who enjoys pretend play and funny play with her brother is the sole reason why their films have been such a success.The parents also say that they encourage their kids not to be haughty and not to brag about their celebrity. They said they’ve been lucky to have been able to use the opportunity to spend more “fun time” with the kids.

Diana has unveiled her first-ever goods and toy range in time for Christmas. As a result, Diana And Roma’s net worth is among the highest among YouTubers.The videos of Diana show her having fun with Roma, her brother. Additionally, the channel is gaining enormous popularity as a result of the presentation of a cute little adventure. More than 40 million people watch Love Diana Adventures, a brand-new show in Australia. Millions of children all across the world are being drawn in by Diana’s charming pretend play.

Diana and Roma Profile-

  1. Famous Name-Diana and Roma
  2. Years active-12 May 2015
  3. Genres Children’s Music
  4. Labels–NA
  5. Associated acts -Diana and Roma
  6. Albums


Until now, they have received many awards. We hope that they would win a number of awards with their unique talent in the coming time period.

Diana and Roma Phone Number, Email, Contact Information, House Address, and Social Profiles:

Ways to Contact Diana and Roma :

1. INSTAGRAM: @kidsdianashow

We have written their Instagram Profile username above and the given username or Id is accurate and confirmed by us and Instagram too. If you’d like to support them or want to follow them, you can also use the account name mentioned above.

2. YOUTUBE:Kids Diana Show

This is a YouTube channel under which they updated their video clips. If anyone wants to see their uploads and videos, they can use the username link which is given above.

3. FACEBOOK:Kids Diana Show

Their Facebook ID also has been provided above. It is reviewed and we confirm that it is a 100% Real Profile of the Diana and Roma . You can follow them on their Facebook profile and for that, you can follow the link above.


We’ve provided their Twitter handle above, and the given Twitter Id is tested and authenticated by us. If you’d like to follow them on Twitter, you must use the link described above.

5. Phone number:+1(720)712-8457

Many phone numbers are leaked on google and the internet in the name of the Diana and Roma but upon checking we found that none of that numbers actually work.

6. Fan Mail Address:

Cleveland Cavaliers

7. Email id:

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